9 Nifty Gift Ideas for a Greener Galley

The holiday season is upon us – actually it has been upon us in the stores in the Philippines since September, no joke. Last night watched Holiday Inn, the first in our annual Christmas movie line up. We’ve been looking for “the perfect anchorage” to spend the holidays; away from towns but still within mobile….

Hidden Haul Outs In the South Pacific

It seems appropriate that as we FINALLY leave the boatyard here in the Philippines a round-up of yards that we have used and discovered on our travels through the South Pacific is published in Cruising World Magazine. If you are looking for a place to do work, hide during cyclone season or store the boat…

Keep Fit and Have Fun Onboard!

Looking for a way to keep fit and have fun onboard? In my June BWS column, Heather Francis Onboard, I talk about how to stay fit afloat. If you missed it on the news stands you can check it out here, or get a digital subscription via Zinio and never miss an issue.