Day Tripping & One Night Stands

In theory, day sailing is a great idea. Sail during the good daylight hours, throw the pick in a (hopefully) protected anchorage by mid-afternoon, have plenty of time to cook dinner, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and wake up refreshed to do it all again. But in reality, it is a little different.

A little perspective

For the past few weeks we’ve been surrounded by some pretty spectacular landscape. Islands that rise sharply out of the ocean, their sheer cliffs towering above us, their jagged, rocky spires unwelcoming. They are stoic and dramatic, inspiring and intimidating. And, according to Google, probably formed some 550 million years ago. Which puts our short lives on this planet in sharp perspective for sure.

Beginning again…again

Steve and I quickly realized that there was no alternative but to buckle down, soldier through, and make the best of all the obstacles that we encountered.

And we’re back!

When we flew back to Kate in June, I had all intentions of getting back to the website and regular posts. And, I have tried. In fact, I feel like I have started this a hundred times, but I can never get past the first couple of sentences. I don’t know if it is the…

Thoughts on Tonga

Like many over the past several days, I have watched video clips and news footage covering the huge explosion of the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano in the Kingdom of Tonga. We are lucky enough to have stopped in Tonga during our Pacific crossing in 2011 and spent 3 months sailing throughout the island group. We visited the…

Lest We Forget – Lesson from the South Pacific

No matter where I am in the world I always stop and reflect on November 11th, Remembrance Day. As a Canadian I learned about the war in Europe, where most of the Canadian troops served. I had no idea how much action happened in the South Pacific. While sailing in Solomon Islands we encountered many…

Reading Round Up/date

It is only recently that I have felt the tickle at the back of my brain asking me to write something for this space. But, like the faint, annoying tingle before a sneeze, if I turn my head away from the screen, the feeling subsides. And it has, again and again, over the past year….

Take Five Leaves and Call Me in the Morning.

Six years ago, while the boat was in a cyclone hole in Fiji and Steve was away working, I misplaced a foot on the stairs and fell from deck height at 0800. I landed on my side, or perhaps I should say I bounced on my side as apparently that’s what happens when you fall…