First Stop, the Market

The last 300 Philippine pesos we had were spent at the market – a bottle of rum, a pineapple, a handful of chilies, and four bags of ice. Sounds like the makings of a farewell party, I know, but it was just what ended up being available/needed. With the humidex pushing 40-45C our fridge was…

Day Tripping & One Night Stands

In theory, day sailing is a great idea. Sail during the good daylight hours, throw the pick in a (hopefully) protected anchorage by mid-afternoon, have plenty of time to cook dinner, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and wake up refreshed to do it all again. But in reality, it is a little different.

Reading Round Up/date

It is only recently that I have felt the tickle at the back of my brain asking me to write something for this space. But, like the faint, annoying tingle before a sneeze, if I turn my head away from the screen, the feeling subsides. And it has, again and again, over the past year….

Sustainable Sailing – My New Column

I am very happy to announce that I am now writing regularly for SisterShip Magazine! The first edition of my new column, Sustainable Sailing, was published in April and will appear in each following bi-monthly issue of the magazine. As a treat the digital April issue is available for FREE!!! Please feel free to share…