Tsunami Stories on a Throwback Thursday

Todays 8.3 earthquake in Chile has again sparked tsunami warnings throughout the Pacific, although it does not sound like it will affect us here in Vanuatu. Thankfully. But this isn’t our first tsunami warning. In 2010 an earthquake in Chile caused a tsunami warning to be issued while we were afloat in Panama City, and…

The Pace of Life

It has been a pretty exciting week around here and this photo sums it up perfectly. That’s Steve holding a shiny new, out of the box outboard. Which means; A. He’s home and B. We are upwardly mobile again. The pace of everyday life on board has changed this week, in more ways than one….

TBT: Photographing Kastom Dancing in Vanuatu

In the South Pacific radio is still used as one of the main means of communicating with the local population. There is often death announcements, notices about power and water interruptions, flight information and, of course, weather bulletins. Local businesses use radio to advertise specials and promote services and if there is a local paper…

Sickness and Seashells

Last week was my birthday and with Steve away I was totally expecting to spend it by myself. I thought if the weather was nice I would go to town in the afternoon, find a nice little café, order a very decadent dessert and a glass of red wine and people watch for a bit….

Grotty Yachtie or Bust?!

The other day, while standing on the side of the road outside town, I was picked up by an ex-pat. She had passed me by but then noticed in her review mirror that so had two taxis that were following her. She pulled a U-turn and asked me if I wanted a lift. I hadn’t…