A Different Angle on Things

I woke up this morning feeling rested for what seems like the first time in over three weeks. The difference was noticeable not only to me but to Steve, whom I spoke to via Skype at 0630 this morning, after brushing my teeth but before making coffee. He said I sounded like I had pep in my step.

I have been struggling with low energy since we pulled the boat out of the water. At first I thought I was having trouble sleeping because Steve was gone. That usually lasts a couple days  until I realize I can roll over in the bunk with bumping into someone. Hello bed hog! Then I thought it was because I was being buzzed awake by mosquitoes. Up went the mossie net. Waking up shivering; I now sleep with a blanket right beside me, unfolded for easy, half awake deployment. It is winter here now so it is still dark at 6am, it is easier to press snooze than to get out of bed before the sun. I have been eating meat like a prehistoric carnivore, so it can’t be low iron. I was stumped.

Why was I having such a hard time waking up?

The thing is I like mornings, early mornings, it is part of my routine. (Yes, I admit it, early mornings and me pre-2006 maybe not such a great mix) I sneak out of the bed and make coffee and try and get some words on the page. Steve stays in bed. When he is gone I usually get an extra hour or so of quiet time before the marina wakes up. But the last three weeks I have been forcing myself out of bed and staring at my laptop, rubbing my sleep crusty eyes, and then often procrastinating online. Not the way I want to start my day.

And the difference this morning?

Yesterday the guys in the yard brought the travel lift over and adjusted Kate so that the bow wasn’t sitting quite so high.

You wouldn’t think a few degrees would make such a difference.

When we noticed on the first night on the hard that the bunk was on a slight angle we didn’t think so.  In fact I probably wouldn’t have insisted on moving the boat at all but then there was water collecting on the floor in the head after I showered. We were on enough of an angle not all the water wanted to escape down the drain. Not good. And when I scrubbed the bilges with fresh water the last little bit was settling aft of the bilge pumps. Not great, at all.

So after three weeks of being busy with other boats they lifted up Kate and made a few adjustments to the tires around the hull and pieces of wood under the keel. I checked the bilges and gave the thumbs up. It took less than 30 minutes. The angle of the boat changed no more than 2 or 3 degrees. This morning I didn’t wake up scrunched up against the wall behind we with my pillows askew. I woke up rested after my first night sleep in a level bunk.

This experiment in sleep deprivation made me realize something.

It often isn’t the big events in life that cause the greatest effect, it is the little changes we make everyday that send out ripples far beyond what we intend.  It reminded me to be mindful of of the little things, and that even the smallest gesture can mean big things to someone else.




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  1. emedible says:

    “Good morning!”



    1. yachtkate says:

      You got to experience my formidable “not a morning person” years…but would you trade them for the world? I wouldn’t 😉

  2. Sarah Horne says:

    When u were describing eating alone in one of your blogs, I had an instant flash back to your “ice box” apartment in the northend where u had no insulation in your bedroom walls, and we would have dinner together with edibles from some lebanese groceir and your rent-a-cat. Ahh memories……take care and enjoy your last few weeks of 35!!!!lol
    sarah 🙂

    1. yachtkate says:


      Been thinking about you a lot recently. Ah the good old days in that freezing cold appartment!!!! And thanks for reminder that I’m getting older soon. 😉
      Send me an email? yachtkate@gmail. Love to catch up.
      Hope you and the girls are well. Hope to hear from you soon, miss you, H

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