Provisioning, Passages and the Peanut Butter Princess

We are preparing for our next passage to the Philippines, which means we’ve been doing lots of schlepping of provisions. It’s not that I am worried about finding good provisions in PI, it’s just that I know there are somethings I may not be able to find. For me part of the excitement of sailing to somewhere new is the prospect of all the exciting flavours we get to explore, but there are still a few items that we would rather not live without; good tea, pasta without weevils, and, of course, all natural, no added sugar peanut butter.


I am a bit of a PB addict

In fact in certain circles I am known as the Peanut Butter Princess. Everywhere we sail I search for good PB but rarely find it, which is why when I do find it I stock up – as seen above!

On Kate PB isn’t just for breakfast and it isn’t just a sweet. Featured in the March issue of Cruising World magazine was my recipe for Beef Satay, a savory, spicy peanut sauce made from peanut butter. If you missed the issue here’s the story behind the moniker and the Beef Satay recipe.



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  1. Hans van Rijn says:

    Hi Kate,

    Fully understand your PB addiction. I have same problem. But solved it… Very easy to make your own but need a strong blender and regular oily salted peanuts. Just put them in the blender, add oil if it does not immediately crush the peanuts enough and then add more peanuts little by little… But your problem may be that you have no blender….. Anyway the peanutbutter is the best you will ever taste!

    Regards Hans

    1. yachtkate says:

      Hans, you’re right about not having a blender! Since we are 110V it’s been a hard thing to find. On the list for the Philippines, and I will report back about the PB experiments!

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