Keep Fit and Have Fun Onboard!

Looking for a way to keep fit and have fun onboard? In my June BWS column, Heather Francis Onboard, I talk about how to stay fit afloat. If you missed it on the news stands you can check it out here, or get a digital subscription via Zinio and never miss an issue.

Holidays Onboard

This month in my Blue Water Sailing Column, Heather Francis Onboard, talk to several sailing families about how they celebrate holidays onboard. Check out the December Issue on news stands or today! Celebrate the holidays this year with subscription for hour favourite sailor and never miss a story! Love, H&S

10 Down, 1 to Go 

When we first bought Kate in 2008 I had no expectations about what life onboard would be like. I hadn’t been dreaming of sailing the world since childhood, hadn’t furiously read any and all books related to sailing and I wasn’t an armchair sailor who leafed through a pile of sailing mags every month. I…

Stove Top Bread Baking

Want fresh baked bread onboard but don’t have an oven? Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to cut down on fuel used and heat in the galley. Learn all my tricks about Stove Top Bread Baking in this months Blue Water Sailing Magazine. Available on news stands now! Love, H&S​

Is that…normal?

As of the end of June I have been a high school graduate for 20 years, and in keeping with tradition there was supposed to be a reunion. Somehow the powers that be failed to organize anything in time so in lieu of an actually gathering someone started a Facebook group and graduates were invited…

2-4-1 in the BWS February Issue

There is still a few days to pick up the February issue of Blue Water Sailing magazine where you’ll find information about building an onboard medical kit in my regular column, Heather Francis Onboard, as well as a story about our time in New Caledonia earlier this year! You can also subscribe to the digital…

Cooking Underway

I am very excited and proud to announce that you can now find me in Blue Water Sailing Magazine every other month! Look for my new column “Heather Francis Onboard” in the August issue. I will be tackling crew health and welfare issues; everything from tips for cooking underway, healthy entertaining and how to start…