Hey Guys!!

Well, it has been a great couple days here in Niue, we love the place!  We were fortunate to arrive a few days after the monthly ship was in port so the shelves at the store are overflowing, not that we require much but free veggies, and they are rather expensive. We treated ourselves to a dinner ashore on Tuesday night, a somewhat traditional buffet and some dancing, we shared a lovely evening with a single hander from Estonia.  The boat is almost back to normal, just some sail repairs to finish up this morning then we are ready to go again.  It has been raining off and on here but in between the showers the sun lights up the lush green shore, which we are excited to explore a little further.  This weekend there is a show day at one of the villages on the eastern side of the island, sport competition, food, crafts etc… A definate “must do” on our list, I think we’ll rent a car and make a day of it.


P.S. The “Dangerous Middle” is the name given to this general area of the Pacific ocean because of the weather patterns that plague it.


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