Say Cheese!

We have some very exciting news to kick off the New Year! Kate is featured on the January 2015 cover of Cruising Helmsman, “Australia’s No.1 Sailing Magazine”. A real team effort with me at the helm and Steve snapping photos from the dinghy.

And if you happen upon a December issue there should be a 9 page article in it about our time in the Tuamotu. Sorry for the late heads up on that one, I though it was all hitting the newsstands in one issue.

I hope some of our Aussie and Kiwi readers get a chance to pick up a copy this month, and if you do please let us know how it looks.

Kate on the cover of Cruising Helmsman~
Kate on the cover of Cruising Helmsman

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  1. stasia hertik says:

    Have bought January copy and have ordered December copy from the publisher, hopefully being sent soon

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