Abandoning Ship, Cooking up a Storm, Keeping Your Cool and Solar Gadgets to Keep you Connected; Article Roundup

There is an old sailors mantra that says you should always step up into the liferaft, or in other words abandoning the vessel should be the very last resort. We had a chance to inspect our Viking life raft when we had it serviced in Fiji. Sitting inside the small, orange inflatable compartment was sobering;…

Tsunami Stories on a Throwback Thursday

Todays 8.3 earthquake in Chile has again sparked tsunami warnings throughout the Pacific, although it does not sound like it will affect us here in Vanuatu. Thankfully. But this isn’t our first tsunami warning. In 2010 an earthquake in Chile caused a tsunami warning to be issued while we were afloat in Panama City, and…

July Article

If you’re in Australia or New Zealand you can find a story about out time sailing in the Kingdom of Tonga in the July issue of Cruising Helmsman Magazine. It’s on sale now, Steve even found a copy of it in the Melbourne Airport last week! Love, H&S

December Reading

Check out the December Issue of Blue Water Sailing to read about another of our “Classic Passages”, A Trip into the Dangerous Middle, the eventful passage between French Polynesia and Niue. And don’t forget you can check out the ‘Articles‘ page on the website if your local news agent doesn’t carry BWS Magazine. Love, H&S

Tale from the Crypt

If you can still find the September 2014 issue of Blue Water Sailing Magazine you can read another of our white knuckle adventures,  Tales from the Crypt Stay tuned for more updates about future publications!