Remember that time we sailed around Costa Rica?

“As we neared Costa Rica we sailed into days of violent squalls. The thunder was so loud I wondered if the rig was coming down, and caught myself ducking with my hands over my head. The pitch black night was punctuated by blinding bolts of lightning that often struck the water nearby. We watched as their fiery edges dance to an audible crackle of electricity. The wet, grey days were spent trying to dodge patches of driving rain and catch the fickle winds. It seemed like we sailed in circles for hours trying to avoid the worst of the weather. We were mentally and physically spent and I was looking forward to spending a quiet weekend licking my wounds and catching up on sleep.”

Want more?

You will have to check the news stands for the April issue of Blue Water Sailing!

Blue Water Sailing April 2015
Blue Water Sailing April 2015


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