10 Reasons you know you’ve been in Fiji (perhaps) too long

10 Reasons you know you’ve been in Fiji (perhaps) too long

10. All the staff at the marina know you by name, that it isn’t your actual name no longer bothers you.

9.  You know where all the local eateries and bars are in town that have the best air conditioning, making mid rainy season shopping trips a slightly less sweaty experience.

8. On said shopping trips to the market the vendors, some of which you know know by name, no longer try and charge you tourist prices, in fact they often put a few more veggies on your heap without charge.

7. You no longer have to order a drink at the bar; it is served automatically, just to your liking, and is often refreshed without having to ask.

6. You can sing along to the advertizing jingles on the radio.

5. The Convenience Shop owner up the street remarks on your absence when you don’t stop in for Popsicles and soda water for a week.

4. You understand and can use the local slang correctly.

3. When talking about the weather you often hear yourself saying things like “I don’t remember it being this wet/dry/hot/cold/humid since we’ve been here”.

2. Your usual taxi driver gives you homemade sweets during the holidays.

1. The driver of the local bus, who has never smiled at or even made eye contact with you, leaves the bus to run an errand one day and hands you the cash box to look after.


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