It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It really is.

Last year Steve was working overseas during the holidays and I spent Christmas Day alone. I didn’t think anything was missing from my celebrations, I went through the motions. I listened to endless hours of Christmas music while slaving over a hot oven. I had watched all the classic Christmas movies while drinking too much wine. I had put up the decorations and sat admiring the twinkling lights at night. But without friends and family around to enjoy the festivities with it justĀ felt like any other day. It felt like Christmas had forgotten to come. I wondered if without children of my own to keep the Christmas myth alive was I getting to old for Christmas.

After 35 years had the magic finally disappeared?

So this year I was tentative about putting up the tree too early and playing Christmas tunes too often. I left my shopping until last minute and waited until the 23rd to start baking. And it was a busy week; a couple of parties, some time in the galley, a few bottles of good wine and lots of sunshine. Between the Orphans Xmas Eve Party at the marina and a Boxing Day lunch at a friends house we felt so stuffed that we didn’t get around to cooking the big chicken we bought for Christmas dinner until the 28th. There was good company, great food and even a few presents under our wee little tree. But most importantly we were together. It felt like Christmas all week long.

I guess Theodor Geisel was right, “As long as we have hands to clasp, Christmas day is in our grasp”.




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