Life is the Pits!

Not everything goes to plan, at least not in our world.

We were out, sailing around the Mamanuca (pronounced MamanuTHa) and Yasawa islands here on the western side of Fiji, enjoying ourselves and the pretty little deserted island we were anchored at, when we got an email.  Yep, thanks to our recent upgrade in technology (Steve brought home a Smartphone in February) and that we were able to get cell phone coverage, although just barely, we have email access on board now.

It was an offer for a relief position for Steve again, this time they needed someone yesterday. We weighed our options, considered the new problem with the diesel tank and the rolly anchorages we’ve been in over the last week decided that we couldn’t turn the offer down. So, we started on the new plan, making our  way back to Vuda Point Marina, where we booked a “cyclone pit” for three months of the “non-cyclone time to go sailing” season, and started to think about dismantling Kate for storage again.

We decided to haul again for two reasons.

1.This will be the busy sailing season in Fiji and being squashed against other boats in the keyhole style marina can only lead to two things; Listening to German people talk about their failed attempts at making meatballs with canned corned beef at 7am, (I kid you not this happen just the other week. Corned beef meatballs…..ummmmm), or damage to the boat when some rubs up against us without a fender in the right place.

And 2. I will eventually have to leave for VISA purposes, if not my sanity, and hopefully maybe some work and we don’t like to leave the boat in the water unattended. Call it crazy but that whole ‘your boat and therefore your house and everything you own in the world could sink because not one is paying attention’ scenario doesn’t sit well with us.

So we hauled Kate and got a choice hole at the very edge of the yard, right in front of where we were when Cyclone Evan hit in 2012.  It means we have no neighbours, a bit of lawn, a little sandy beach, a good view and some breeze.  Almost perfect except we are high and dry and Kate is a sailboat.

Steve left on Tuesday after we stripped the running rigging, took down the sails, cleaned the bilges and put away the outboard and dinghy. All I  have left to do is desalt everything else and eat a month worth of meat bought for two people that is in the freezer.

Anyone wanna come over for dinner?



P.S. Here are a few from the bird’s eye view up the mast.

Rigging Shot 2014 012Looking toward the "keyhole" in water berths View from Above


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  1. John says:

    Hey Heather, sorry you are missing out on the sailing season and will have to go without Steve for a while. Money in the bank is still money in the bank!

    We think the same when it comes to leaving Katemba unattended. We used to haul out 6 times a year when we had the 2 month on / 2 month off job in the Mediterranean. As a keen diver, I have dived too many wrecks and understand how quickly big ships, let alone small yachts sink!

    All the best to you both
    John (and Medi and John-John)

    1. yachtkate says:

      We were thinking of you and Medi as we packed up, it seemed like we had just unpacked! I don’t know how you did so long, it is so mentally taxing. And yes, until we can find the island with the money tree growing on it we’ll just have to keep working.


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