In for the Long Haul

A month ago we hauled the boat.

Yard & OB 018
Kate on the hard in the Philippines

It seemed like it took forever to finalized the haul out plan with the yard.

Spaces were limited, the travel lift broke, communication was via email was difficult. Then we had to actually get there; hoping for wind that never seemed to blow while we were underway and babying our extremely tired engine while we asked it to run for many more hours than we liked or even thought possible. By the time the stars aligned and the morning of our haul out arrived we were both exhausted. Yet there was still a whole lot of work to do.

Although we planned to our haul out to so we could finally tackle our on going engines troubles (you may remember the fun had when we sailed around Costa Rica, or when we replaced the fuel tank and pump back in Fiji, or when we burnt the head gasket back in Palau, ) and do some routine below-water maintenance there was a much bigger project we had to tackle first; closing the boat up for long term storage.

For the first time in several years we were heading home to visit family in Canada, only we decided to make it a complete surprise. So there could be no posting pictures on instagram, no FB updates and no detailed blog posts about all the mold I wiped off the ceiling, and how many years I shortened our lives by when spraying the boat for cockroaches.

Leaving a boat in the tropics is always a big job and by the time we put in the last board, hefted our luggage onto our shoulders and headed to Manila we were both exhausted. Then came the 30 hours of travel time, including three flights and a sleepless night in an airport on my birthday.

The surprise was a complete success, and although we are enjoying some time away from the boat the work continues; sourcing parts, researching projects, hatching ideas. Now that the secret is out I will take advantage of the crazy fast internet here on land and start to catch up here on all our latest adventures. Until then, you’ll find us in the backyard enjoying a Keith’s, watching the fog roll down the bay.



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  1. Not sure how I’ve survived this long from all the bug spray we’ve used. Grew up on a boat and now have my own- you guys rocks!

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