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And we’re back!

After 5 months (almost to the day) we returned to Kate in the Philippines. We decided to stay in Manila for a few extra days so we could catch a ride back to the yard with one of the Yard Managers. Sure we could have taken a 5 hour bus ride to the nearest town then hopped on a couple motorcycle taxis for the 45 minute ride to get us to the boat. But, when you are carrying a combined 5 pieces of 23kg checked luggage, three carry on’s, some groceries and a piece of 1″ stainless rod (the new propeller shaft) that is 6 feet long a direct ride just seems so much easier.

The pack-mules reunite! Shaft not shown.

The boat looked great from the outside; not covered in bird shit or grinding dust, nothing out of place. Inside, however, was a different story.┬áConsidering that she sat unattended for the last 6 weeks of our time away I can’t complain about the state of affairs upon our return. Sure the cabin was covered in a light dusting of white mold, but while I bleached and disinfected I blasted Christmas tunes and just pretended it was snow.


Besides wiping every surface free of mold, I spent my first day back on the boat doing laundry by hand in a bucket (all the cushion covers and curtains despite that they were laundered just before we left) and washing every dish, pot, pan and piece of Tupperware we have. Yep, might as well jump right in! That we have to haul water on board by the 5 gallon bucket from drum that is filled by the yard just reminds me how precious it is and how wasteful I have been during my months as a dirt dweller.

So, it is back to our simple life on board, although not afloat.

The reason our luggage was so heavy is that we brought back parts and pieces for some major engine work we’ve been needing to do for a long time now. Work that we are both looking forward to…and sort of dreading. Work that could go smoothly…or could be fouled by that ever troublesome “Island Time.” I will keep you posted.

For now we are preparing for the holidays, which will be a quiet event but one we will savour as we are together, safe and finally back at home.



Coffee with a view after our first night on board.

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  1. Austin says:

    Where did you pull the boat? We are presently in Guam but are planning to pull the boat in the Phillipines in 2019 or 2020.
    SV Flying Spirit

    1. yachtkate says:

      Hello Austin. We hauled out at Papaya Yacht Services just south of Manila. If you’d like more info/insights give us an email, yachtkate@gmail.com. However you might want to catch up on the political situation over here, there is talk about Marshall Law going nation wide in the future, might not be the place to be in 2019/20.

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