Boatyards and New Years

It seems appropriate that we are starting off 2018 in the boatyard. The New Year is, after all, traditionally viewed as a time of renewal, a chance to make all those improvements that you’ve been meaning to get around to for the past 12 months. An opportunity to take stock, address problem areas and make positive changes. And that is exactly what yard periods are all about, fixing, modifying and hopefully improving.

So here we are, slowly, slowly getting work done.

The engine has been removed and over a week ago the engineering firm who is doing the rebuild came and took it away. We have yet to get a quote for the work…which means it is mid January and nothing has been done to the engine. This is holding up a pile of other smaller projects involved in improving the engine bay. Until we have the engine back we cannot fit and size the new shaft, strut, engine mounts etc.…

In the meantime, Steve and I have been busying ourselves with some not-so-important jobs; painting hatch doors and refrigerators and anchor chains, finding varnish that needs be touched up, servicing winches, sourcing supplies in a country that claims to have English as a national language (a subject that could do with a blog post all its own).

Like the New Year, yard periods are also a time when you make too many resolutions. A few weeks in you are feeling disappointed that things are not going to plan, that you are not reaching all those lofty deadlines. It begins to feel like your good intentions are threatening to overwhelm you, and you begin to compromise.

No doubt the rest our time in the yard will not go exactly to plan.

We won’t tick everything off the list, no matter how good our intentions. The boatyard, like the New Year makes you think about what you really need to live happily. Sure, we would like a proper cockpit table, but we’ve managed with what we’ve got for the last decade, so I am sure we will survive another year if this doesn’t get made. And yes, the whole interior could do with a lick of paint, but if we don’t get around to it this it’s ok. I would rather be outside in the cockpit looking at the horizon than sitting inside staring at the walls, anyway.

This year I decided instead of writing the same list of intentions I seem to write every January 1st I would try to live by three simple words; Less is more. Less worry, more happiness. Less stuff, more space. Less buying, more doing. Less time on land, more sailing.



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