So we are here, safe and sound in Palau.

In fact we arrived over a week ago after a rather trying and very long 20 day passage from Papua New Guinea. Although we hoped to be in port before Christmas light winds, contrary current and the beginnings of Super Typhoon Nock-ten, which smashed the Philippines on Christmas Day, kept us at sea. Ah…the life of a sailor.

All is well onboard, we are getting our land legs back, albeit rather slowly this time around. We enjoyed the solitude and rhythm of being on passage, of being out of touch, of being disconnected. Well, we were less connected anyway.

While underway we not only had a weather router following us but we were in contact with another boat that left Kavieng on the same day. It’s the first time we’ve had any boat-to-boat communications while at sea.¬† The weather info they passed along was invaluable¬†and although I appreciated the company some nights having a check-in date, even if it was only via sat phone text, some days felt like obligation. The free and easy spirit of being on passage was temporarily broken, we were once again dependent on technology and “in touch.”

This time around I am finding the transformation to our usual online presence, although rather small, tough. After so many days of silence words are not coming easy, and I have yet to even snap a picture here in Palau. Things will come, inspiration will flow and I will be back soon.

For now, know we are safe and happy, and hope you are too.




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  1. The words were failing somewhat but the pix did not! Certainly were zipping along that time!

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