Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Full-time Liveaboard Sailor 

Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Full-time Liveaboard Sailor

  1. You refer to the dinghy as the family car
  2. You can shower, including washing and conditioning your hair, in only 2 liters of fresh water.
  3. When talking on the phone you say “Over” at the end of sentences.
  4. Reggae island cover tunes played at ear splitting volumes any time of day or night no longer bother you, in fact you often sing along.
  5. Sitting on the head with one foot braced against the wall and one hand gripping the countertop is standard operating procedure.
  6. You find yourself in near paralytic panic at the grocery store when faced with two different brands of any one item.
  7. Picking bugs out of the flour/rice/beans/anything edible no longer grosses you out.
  8. Your “purse” is a roll-top waterproof dry bag and in it you always carry a Leatherman and a bottle of Tropical Strength Aeroguard.
  9. Within 24hrs of arriving in port after a passage you know where the best grocery store, market and chandlery are, where you can get water, do laundry and have a hot shower, who offers free or fast WIFI and which bar has the best Happy Hour.
  10. You judge how expensive places are to visit by the cost of fuel and the price of beer.

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  1. Excellent list!
    We’re not quite at full time yet so thank you for letting us know what’s in our future.
    I’ll take even the worst on your list over one more day in the business factory. But when I put it, even the worst becomes the best over one more day in the business factory.

    Fair winds to you!

    1. yachtkate says:

      I can’t complain!! Atleast you won’t have to worry about bracing yourself while on the head.

      1. We don’t heal over but in the highest seas we’ve been in, there was much bracing in the head and everywhere else.
        We don’t have a gimbal stove so cooking in high seas is really an adventure!

        1. yachtkate says:

          I have never sailed on a catamaran but am always amazed when I visit one in the anchorage how much ‘stuff’ is lying around on the counters. Also envy all the floor space. That said I wouldn’t trade Kate for anything.

          1. Now that I think about it, we do tend to sail with stuff about. In high seas things do fall but I’m normal conditions the boxed wine never falls into the floor!

          2. yachtkate says:

            At least you have your priorities right!

  2. Hubert says:

    brilliant post!! Although not a liveaboard sailor I can relate to every single line from various sailing holidays 😉

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