Cyclone Evan and the Holidaze

Hard to believe another year has flown by, isn’t it?

We have certainly covered a lot of ground this year, but unfortunately not put any miles under the keel. Kate is still in the ground in Fiji, newly painted and awaiting a splash in the New Year. As you’ve probably heard Fiji was recently hit with a cyclone, a small but destructive CAT 4 that past very near the marina. We fortunately/unfortunately were not in the country at the time but all reports are that besides a little damage to the dodger canvass Kate is sound.

We weren’t in Fiji with the boat because we decided to surprise Steve’s family for Christmas and flew to Australia at the beginning of December. It’s been lovely to spend the holidays with family, today we’ll be having Christmas lunch with Greg & Michelle ( Steve’s sister and husband ), his folks, Tik and Stasia, and the neighbours next door. Greg is a butcher so he found me a big free range turkey but we’ll be making a pork roast too, and of course the traditional Aussie ham and prawns, not to mention all the trimmings!!

Michelle and I have given Stasia the day off, so here’s hoping we get the food on the table on time! It’s been 35-40*C and muggy the last few days, but this morning is cool so there is a chance it won’t be too uncomfortable. The tree is twinkling and is full of presents, the kookaburras and cockatoos are singing outside and the sun is just over the field down below. Not quite a white Christmas but beautiful all the same.

We hope you’ve all had a great year and look forward to hearing the news from your corner of the world. All the best for the New Year!



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