Home Sweet Home

October 2012
I am happy to be sitting here writing you this morning as it has been much too long since I have sent out an update.  After a slightly extended time away collecting funds for the cruising kitty we are home!  We arrived last weekend after another long flight, pushing our allowable luggage poundage to the maximum and hopeful of what we’d find upon arrival.  Thankfully Kate was left in good hands and except for a little mildew and a slight musty scent in our clothes left behind she looked great!  I wiped down the cabin with vinegar and we’ve been sleeping onboard since day one.  But now the fun begins, all those jobs we’d talked about before we left are getting underway.  Painting starts tomorrow, so this weekend we’ve been removing the toe rail so the paint will look seamless, and so we can clean and re-bed it hopefully getting rid of a few leaks. The toe rail is the small metal ledge that runs the length of the deck both sides so things don’t slip off underway which is bolted on with 120 bolts each side, hence the occasional leak. It took us six hours yesterday, Steve outside with a giant screwdriver and me inside with a wrench, to ferret out and remove one side. We are finishing the job today.  We are also painting the coach house and resurfacing the decks, getting some fibreglass work done on the engine bay which will require removing the engine completely so while it is out we’ll service the injectors and give it a bit of a tune up.  Not to mention a small list of items to do after the major work is complete. We haven’t made any travel plans yet as we are not sure when all the work will finally be done, so I’ll have to keep you posted on that one. We are still in the hole so it is a walk across the yard to us the facilities but the water is hot and the showers are free.  Our batteries weathered the year well and, although it currently looks like our large refrigeration unit didn’t, we still have our small 40 litre fridge and lots of fresh veggies and beer to put into it. Hard to complain.  As for now we are happy to be back on board, even if it means living in a mess and getting filthy every day because at least we are home.  Hope all is well with every one; I look forward to hearing the news and keeping you updated as we go alone. Don’t worry pictures to come soon!


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