The View from the Other Side

As the final countdown to Christmas begins the days are noticeably longer in the Southern hemisphere. This is not exactly putting my cold Canadian heart in the festive mood. I really am dreaming of a white Christmas.

Thankfully we’ve recently gotten some much needed rain. I am talking middle of the night downpours with thunder and lightning that leave the yard a slippery muck hole in morning kinda rain. Add to that a couple days of sun and the grass is long and green and the all the flowers have perked up. It was beginning to look depressingly brown around here.

Of course, the rain has also brought the mosquitoes and no-see-ems to life, and is usually preceded by a couple steamy and unbearably hot days, so it really feeling like the tropics now…just in time for Christmas!

Chasing the breeze Steve and I have rediscovered the grassy knoll.

It hides behind of a giant rock wall in front of the marina.  There are on going plans for expanding Vuda Point Marina but it seems that one stumbling block or another keeps the work from being completed. A few years back they started excavating the reef but that was held up with some political red tape. Not that I mind, they dug me a swimming pool; a perfect rectangle that is refreshed twice daily and is protected from the swell at low tide. Myself and a few other yachties use it as a lap pool.

The other thing they left behind is a line of some rather large boulders and some very nice turf along the waters edge. There are a few spots between the rocks that are large enough to pass through, letting us slip into another world, one far away from the noise of the travel lift and the forest of masts. We’ve been taking lunch out there; feeding our bodies and our souls. Steve’s been sitting out there reading and flicking a lure into the swimming pool. And several times this month we’ve run out to watch the sun set.

The long days and the moisture in the air during the rainy season make for some pretty spectacular sunsets, ones that make you stop and realize just how lucky you are to be around to watch them, especially with someone special by your side.



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