Hello From Tonga!

We’ve done it! We’ve successfully modified our little boat into a time machine. Yes, right now, you are reading a message from the future! However, we’re still have a few problems with the space time continuum as time seems to pass faster inside the cabin than outside on deck, especially when you are the one off watch and trying to sleep down below. Although we have yet to sail over the 180th meridian, I am, of course, talking about crossing the international date line, which we did on the way to Tonga. We had all intentions of trying to erase Tuesday but the weather was good and we had to leave Niue so instead we lost a day on the weekend. Thank goodness we still got paid for that missing day, haha.

We arrived in Nuku’Alofa, Tongatapu after a very nice passage, cleared in Monday and are anchored off a pretty little motu across from town that has a cheery bar and some great wreaks in the water-my shutter finger is itchy already! The winds have really eased up (we got in right in the nick of time) so the dingy ride across to town, about 1.3nm, this morning wasn’t too wet or rough.  There are a surprising number of boats here, 15 or so, and we’ve hear there is a BBQ at Big Momma’s (the cheery bar) on Friday, so no doubt we’ll get to know the neighbours.

The weather has been grey the last few days, reminding Steve of Victorian winters, except not quite so cold, although the last few nights on watch we’ve were bundled up, toques included!, against the chilly night air. And seeing as yesterday was the winter (summer) solstice the change in weather is quite suiting.

We don’t have internet at the anchorage, in fact we probably won’t have internet much at all in Tonga, except when we find a town, which there are only a few.  So we will let you know when we are about to head off from Nuku’ Alofa. Until then, if there is anything important we should know tell us now!

Until then, love to hear your news

P.S. The SPOT is working, so check out our “Where Are We Page” for our latest location.

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