Malo Lele from Neiafu!

May 22, 2013

We had what can only be called an excellent windward passage, the wind coming from the direction we wanted it to come from until the very last day! We arrived early Saturday morning and spent the weekend tucked into our very favourite little bay awaiting Monday morning so we could check in. When we pulled up to the dock here in town the immigration official was waiting for us, shortly followed by Customs and Quarentine.By 10AM the only left was to clear a Health Inspection. And so we waited, and waited and waited until they decided to let us know at 3PM that the Health Inspector was not working that day….other sources lead us to believe that he was best found at a local bar, so who knows what not working really meant. Anyway, we left our hundred dollar fee with Customs and hope our inspection papers will be ready in a few days, apparently the actual inspection is not so important. ( they usually just come on board, make you fill out a few forms and ask if you are sick anyway). We took a mooring here in town for a few nights and will leave in the morning to explore and enjoy the anchorages in the surrounding islands. Internet is only available in town here so I will check in when we come back to provision every week or so. Until then you can reach us on the sat phone if you need us. I have posted our passage log on the website if you want a look into the daily life on board during a trip. Hope all is well with you,


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