Holiday Reading Roundup: Super Typhoons, Safety Gear and Spots to Slip the Boat

It starting to look a yacht like Christmas!

The weather report is looking a little wet for the 24th & 25th ’round these parts. Which means we might have ample time to curl up under the Christmas lights and catch up on our reading. In case you are in the same predicament here are a few articles to keep you informed and entertained.

Like most people this time of year we still have a few things to tick off our list before we get snugged up in our holiday anchorage. I am looking forward to having a couple days of down time to catch up with family and friends (over the phone, not in person unfortunately), and, of course, the holiday feast!

Of course, things do not always go to plan.

Take for instance Christmas two years ago when a our planned 10 day passage from PNG to Palau turned into an epic 21 day voyage that involved a super typhoon and Steve saving me from the Christmas blues at sea. Check THIS story out if you wanna know more.

Sunset on Christmas 2016, Underway

Although we didn’t make it to Palau in time for Christmas we did spend an excellent 3 months exploring the beautiful Rock Islands. It was all about secluded anchorages, snorkeling, SUP’ing and having candlelit dinners in caves. Cruising World published my story about our adventures this fall.

Sailing the Rock Islands, Palau

We both really enjoyed the SUP we borrowed, so if anyone has a recommendation for a good entry level board would love to hear it. No inflatables please!

If you are sailing in the South Pacific it is a little late to be figuring out your storm plan.

However, if you’re heading there next season and don’t want to rush, or are just thinking about your next maintenance haul out I put together a little list of boatyards, and the services that they offer, that we found helpful while sailing in Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon’s Islands. You’ll also find that in Cruising World.

Kate in cyclone pit, Vida Point, Fiji

Kate in cyclone pit, Vida Point, Fiji

“Safety never takes a day off.”

If you’ve been following for a while you probably know this is one of our mantras on board Kate. It doesn’t mean that we are paranoid freaks that stumbled around in our life vests everyday, but rather that we know that being prepared for the unexpected is half the battle of surviving it. That’s why knowing What’s in Your Ditch Bag is important, at least Cruising Helmsman thought so.

What’s in Your Ditch Bag?

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday where ever you might be!



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