Women’s Health for Women’s Day

I know that I mentioned these articles in my Reading Roundup last month but seeing as they were listed at the very end I wondered if, perhaps, some readers didn’t quite see them. And, as it is International Women’s Day I figured why not give them the spotlight that they deserve.

Last year I wrote a two part piece about Women’s Health for SisterShip Magazine. Part One is all about periods and pregnancy on board.

Part Two covers medical exams in foreign countries and navigating menopause while sailing.

I really tried to covered several aspects of the sailing life that not many publications are willing to talk about. Obviously, I don’t have experience in all these areas – hello, no babies on board! So, I talked to several sailing ladies who shared their stories, experience and opinions. I am really pleased how the article came together, and hope that it is helpful to some sailors out there.

If you’ve never heard of SisterShip it is a magazine written for women sailors by women sailors. Launched in the 80’s it was resurrected a couple years ago. You can find more information about the publication and subscribe HERE.



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