Galley Notes: Tips for a Greener Galley

I spend a lot of time in the galley. Not because I have to, Steve loves to cook and is very good at it. Simply because it is my happy place. The methodical and repetitive actions of slicing, dicing, stirring and kneading are calming. The fact that I must pay attention to the task at hand, else risk ruining dinner or a self inflicted injuries, forces me to be present, mindful. While cooking I can let go of the stresses and worries of the day and simply be.

This year, as part of our Less is More strategy, I have been search for ways to make our galley an even happier, and greener, place. We have been working hard to eliminate single use plastics, and I am happy to report most shopping trips are now plastic free. We have also been mindful of how much food waste we produce, and have been doing things like dehydrating fruit to use up the seasonal bounty before it spoils.

Just in time for Plastic Free July, you can read my Galley Guide: Smalls Steps for Greener Galley, in the June/July issue Blue Water Sailing, and make your galley a happier place too.

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